Trout, apple, & fennel salad.


Yes, another salad using my new favorite ingredient: a whole hot smoked rainbow trout. The flavour is amazing, the convenience second to none, and the possibilities are endless.

Best if all this is another of those not-really-a-recipe recipes. All you do is assemble the salad components you prefer and drizzle with dressing. Here’s what I did:

I started with some rocket (arugula) leaves on a large plate. I then added some thinly sliced fennel, green apple, and some sliced baby beetroot (canned is fine). I took the trout flesh {pull the fillets away from the centre bone, discard the head, tail, skin, and all bones} and flaked it over the salad, then sprinkled some fresh dill and sliced spring onion on top. For the dressing I whisked some olive oil, lemon juice, seeded mustard, salt, and pepper in a jug and drizzled it over.

And that’s it, lunch ready in about ten minutes.

Bon apetit.

  1. Mm-Mmm apple in salad! One of the best restaurant meals I’ve had was thinly sliced crispy apple with carrot and some other vegetables I never identified, herbs and a light dressing. This looks like a fresh, summer dish but it works for Fall too with the apple flavor I think. I might need an apple in my salad tonight.


    1. I wasn’t sure at first but it works do well. Pear, arugula, and parmesan is another fruit-in-salad winner.


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