Rose flavoured macarons

In honour of a special kitchen tea I recently got a bit fancy with my macarons. First up I made a batch of delicious vanilla bean flavoured macarons, see the recipe HERE, and next were these pretty rose ones.

Both recipes use my basic macaron recipe, and you will need the following ingredients:

  • rosewater
  • pink food colouring {gel or paste is better than liquid drops}
  • edible rose petals or buds

For the filling:

400 g white cooking chocolate

200 ml single or pouring cream

Microwave the chocolate and cream in a microwave proof jug or bowl, on 50% power, for two minutes. Stir to combine, repeat the microwave step once again, and when it’s smooth and melted stir it through once more and refrigerate for a couple of hours.

Just before filling the macarons add a tiny amount of food colouring and a few drops of rosewater to the ganache and stir through.

For the macarons:

Following my basic macaron recipe, to the macronage mix {the almond meal, icing sugar, and egg white}, add a tiny bit of rose pink colouring and a few drops of rosewater. Proceed as normal.

After piping the macarons and while they are resting before going into the oven, I sprinkled some finely crushed rose petals on top for presentation. Consider this step optional.

  1. […] I was recently asked to make some macarons for a kitchen tea. It’s been quite a while since I served up a batch of these popular treats, and I decided it was time to try and get a bit more creative. This is the recipe for the vanilla bean flavour, for the Rose flavoured macarons click HERE. […]


  2. Reblogged this on beyondtheflow and commented:
    I’m reblogging this to myself so I might have the courage to give baking macaroons a go and rose flavoured sound divine. xx Ro


  3. Okay so I have to ask with the bit of rosewater do they taste noticeably different or can you detect the hint of rose? They are sooooo pretty! Have you ever used silicone macaron trays where the shape of the macaron is cut out for you(did I just describe that weirdly?) or does that take away from the artistry? I’m completely serious if I sound like a moron, I’m really wondering! I recently saw one of those trays at the store.


    1. You can taste the rose but only just. I’ve seen the macaron template trays online but I’ve never seen them in the shops here, but I could use the help because piping is what I do worst.


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