Welcome to The Delicious Files!

I hit the kitchen with great enthusiasm at just sixteen, spurred on by two motivating factors: the desire to impress my then-brand-new boyfriend {and now husband}, and the even greater need to skip all weekend activities that required physical exertion or came under the title of sports. From soggy and overcooked everything to macarons and homemade pasta it’s been the adventure of a lifetime and I love nothing more than cooking huge amounts of food to feed the people I love.

Not every day mind you. My youngest still eats enough chicken nuggets to give Jamie Oliver a heart attack.

This blog started life as my personal cookbook, a place to record the food we all love to eat. There were hazy visions of my kids looking up their favourite foods when they moved out, and sharing recipes with friends, and hey presto, a food blogger was born. There are a lot of family friendly recipes here that will feed many mouths as most nights I cook for eight people. The variety that comes from loving to try new foods also means that there is everything from the traditional Dalmatian dishes we grew up on to newer and exciting things like laksa, pho, and curries.

I made the decision to go vegan in early 2016 so there are more plant based recipes of late, even though I have had to adopt a more flexible way of eating recently that defies labels { is there a name for mostly vegetarian with a bit of seafood?}. The fact remains, however, that I still cook meat and seafood for my family even though I don’t enjoy eating it anymore, so the variety in my recipes remains.

Hope you enjoy the recipes, and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hi Ana,
    this is definitely a delicious blog and yes, I too spend a scary amount of time thinking about my next meal!
    Thanks for the follow on my blog.


    1. Thanks Dani, glad to hear I’m not the only one. There are lots of new recipes on the way, so make sure to pop back!


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